Our Staff

Registered and licensed vocational nurses, certified ophthalmic assistants and technicians, and highly qualified clerical staff are the heart and soul of South Texas Eye Center. Highly qualified and trained personnel are essential for an eye center, but even more important is the special empathy, which is readily apparent at South Texas Eye Center.


Greetings from our friendly front desk staff will start your visit to our office.


Patient interviews and initial work-ups are performed by our professional staff.


Careful initial inspection is performed by highly qualified personnel whether for routine examinations or for investigating a problem concerning one of our patients.


Contact lens fittings and follow-ups are a major part of our practice.


Dr. McMahon discusses his initial findings with one of his young patients.

A complete examination, both externally and internally, was completed. Glasses will have to be stronger but all else is well. An obvious sense of relief is noted on this young man's face.


Dr. McMahon starts a cataract operation in the South Texas Eye Center.

Small incision cataract surgery is performed using the latest and most advanced instruments and machines.


Dr. McMahon starts a laser vision correction procedure in our Surgicenter.


Following your examination, South Texas Eye Center is ready to handle your eyewear needs.

A complete selection of eyewear is available, from the latest fashion to basic design. Specialized eyewear for different recreational or employment situations are offered.


Check out following your examination and fitting of glasses or contacts is both efficient and friendly, as we hope you will choose us as your future eye care professional team.